Menu Items

Menu Items are a standard Umbraco concept and are used to configure items that appear in the tree context menu and list view / editor action menus.

Defining a menu item

To define a menu item you create a class that inherits from the base class MenuItem and configure it within the constructor like so.

// Example
public class ExportMenuItem : MenuItem
    public ExportMenuItem()
        // Configure menu item
        Name = "Export";
        Alias = "export";
        Icon = "download"; // Exclude the "icon-" prefix

        // Set action behaviour

Available configuration options are:

  • Name: The name of the menu item.
  • Alias: A unique alias for the menu item.
  • Icon: An icon to display next to the name in the menu.
  • SeperatorBefore: Boolean flag to set whether to show a seperator in the menu before this menu item.

In addition, there are three options for the type of action the menu item should perform:

  • NavigateToRoute(string route) Navigates to the given route when clicked.
  • LaunchDialogView(string view, string dialogTitle) Opens an angular view in the left hand dialog modal, with the given title.
  • LaunchDialogUrl(string url, string dialogTitle) Opens a URL in an iframe in side the left hand dialog modal, with the given title.

You can find more detailed information on MenuItem class over at the offical Umbraco Menu Item documentation

As well as defining the menu item class, depending on the action type you configure, you will also need to implement the relevant angular view and controller. This is a little out of scope for the Fluidity documentation, however in summary you will want to:

  • Create a plugin folder in the root app_plugin folder.
  • Create a package.manifest file in your plugin folder.
  • Create a html view to be loaded.
  • Create an angular controller to control the view.
  • Hook up the controller with the view using the ng-controller attribute.
  • Add the controller js file path to the package.manifest.
  • Build your custom logic.

Adding a menu item to a collection

Menu items are added to a collection as part of the collections configuration. See Collections API documentation for more info.